Welcome to Vesna’s world

Let me color up your life with my art and what I do. Enjoy.

If you wanna be good, get better.

Quote by me

Ever since I was a little girl I was kind of different. Interested in drawing, in art and pretty quiet. My parents always gave me pencils and sheets to keep me busy. As a kid I was asking myself why I didn’t get something else to play with and was jealous of the rich kids stuff, even though I had everything. Today, I’m so thankful. My parents did the right thing! They told me what to draw and I did it. I kept drawing and I noticed I was pretty good. My family noticed that too and kept supporting and motivating me.

Here we are now, everytime I feel the need to relax, calm down or express myself, I grab my pencils or brushes and start a new project. I can’t explain how much energy these moments give me but I enjoy it every second.

Traveling and going on trips helps inspiring me, that’s why I’m showing you places I’ve been to as well. Of course every relationship, every person in my life and I met is inspiring me and leaves memories for new art. So many impressions I love to share and definitely need to paint and draw more of.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I do. Thanks for reading.